What We Do

Kentucky BioProcessing (KBP) is innovating for a better tomorrow by creating the processes and products that will shape the future of vaccines, pharmaceuticals and other commercial applications.

How We Started

The scientists, engineers and others who work at KBP maintain an equally intense focus on both our processes and our products — constantly working to refine our methods to maximize the quality and quantity of the plant-made compounds we produce.

Our work was initially done in a series of five traditional greenhouses, where we began to systematically explore the factors that affect the growth of the tobacco plants we use. Over the course of several years, we refined our method of achieving rapid growth of those plants and transforming them into “biomanufacturing plants” that have the ideal proportion of leaves and stems for the process-development and protein-production work we do. The plants effectively become manufacturing centers that produce the protein that we extract and purify for pharmaceutical and commercial applications.

Why Tobacco?

Using plants to create complex products means the process can be done faster and less expensively compared to traditional methods that involve animals, yeast, bacteria, cold storage requirements and other means. It also results in higher accuracy and confidence in the composition of the final product. This speed and efficacy could be critical for saving lives vulnerable to existing and future health issues.

Nicotiana benthamiana is a variety of tobacco plant that is not used in production of more traditional tobacco products but has a number of characteristics that make it ideal for biomanufacturing recombinant proteins.